Web work

The Italian Grid Infrastructure (IGI)

Based on Drupal Garland theme. Created logo, banner, color scheme, favicon, layout. The CSS is being overridden by content managers copying and pasting from other sites, bringing in local css junk. After getting a large screen, I noticed the banner does not work on the left side. This should be redone, but as IGI is still coming into being, the current site is temporary, and the whole Consortium will move its sites onto Liferay portals.

The European Middleware Initiative (EMI)
Now, this one is totally done with Liferay! It is of course a collaborative effort, and as a matter of principle we’re using the developer edition, which has a few bugs. This is a very complicated tool, not really a CMS, but it’s very powerful.

The EGI Knowledge Base

I recommended the MediaWiki tool for this, and the European teams have been happy with it. I am the main content manager of this site, which is currently housed on a CESNET server. I have also produced three reports on the purpose, content and evolving status of this site:

[add later]

A couple of obsolete  sites:

INFN Grid main website
EU-IndiaGrid technical site

These are on an old CNAF server that was hacked (we won’t dwell on that 😦 ). The reason why I am showing these is because I built both of them entirely on my own – graphics, layout, scripts and content.

The INFN Grid site was built on a stone-age version of XOOPS, one that would be compatible with PHP4 (due to the fact that we had “legacy” software on the server), and then heavily modified with Javascript. The requirement was to bring together all the information from the scattered sources where people were working on the INFN Grid project. I also had to include the entire Production Grid site, itself made with an ancient version of Typo3, and not under my control.

What you see then is a mix of content that I created with other content picked up in Iframes, plus a special custom menu for the Production Grid site.