At the University of Michigan:

  • Introduction to the Symbolic Analysis of Language (undergraduate course)
  • Aspects of Meaning (undergraduate introduction to semantics; formerly Text, Context, and Meaning)
  • Semantics and Pragmatics (graduate course)
  • Topics in L1 Acquisition at the Syntax/Semantics Interface (co-taught with T. Satterfield) (graduate seminar)
  • Topics in Semantics (graduate seminar)
  • Introduction to Language (co-taught with C. Tortora) (undergraduate course)

At the University of Chicago:

  • Dynamic Semantics (advanced graduate course)
  • The Minimalist Program and Its Neighbors (advanced graduate course)
  • Language and Identity (undergraduate course)
  • Government and Binding Syntax (graduate course)

At MIT, UCLA, and the University of Connecticut:

  • Syntax (undergraduate course, MIT)
  • Semantics (undergraduate course, UCLA)
  • Advanced Semantics: Plurals (graduate course, UConn)

At MIT and UC Santa Cruz (in a support role):

  • Semantics I (graduate course, MIT)
  • The Study of Language (undergraduate course, MIT)
  • Phonology I (undergraduate course, UCSC)
  • Syntax I (undergraduate course, UCSC)