Articles and Publications

GÉANT and the SDN revolution, CONNECT Issue 16 – July 2014 (ISSUU, pdf) – p. 13

L’unione (in rete) fa la forza (con M. Vario), GARR NEWS 10 – Giugno 2014

SWITCH: decolla la cloud, GARR NEWS 10 – Giugno 2014

Nuvola personale, GARR NEWS 10 – Giugno 2014

Idee “Made in Italy”, GARR NEWS 10 – Giugno 2014

GÉANT Open Call; Partnering with the world’s top innovators, CONNECT Issue 15 – May 2014 (ISSUU, pdf) – p. 14

COLIBRI: A networking project for rare diseases (with M. Vario), CONNECT Issue 15 – May 2014 (ISSUU, pdf) – p. 34

La nuvola tra miti e realtà, GARR NEWS 9 – Dicembre 2013

Innoviamo insieme!, GARR NEWS 9 – Dicembre 2013

A passi da GÉANT verso il futuro, GARR NEWS 9 – Dicembre 2013

L’Africa della conoscenza, GARR NEWS 8 – Maggio 2013

Le identità digitali protette in una nuvola, GARR NEWS 8 – Maggio 2013

Selected Publications

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(with other authors) Final EGI Functions Definition. EGI_DS deliverable for WP3: EGI Functions Definition.
2008 (with other authors) EGI Blueprint. EGI_DS deliverable for WP5: Establishment of the EGI.
2007 Status and Perspectives of National Grid Initiatives. EGEE II deliverable for NA5: Policy and International Cooperation.
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Indefinite Topics. Ph.D. Dissertation, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Available from MIT Working Papers in Linguistics.
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