Journals Operations Analyst

for Blackwell Publishing

Central management of operations in Boston and where indicated globally

Information Management, Systems Development and QA

  • Monitor systems-related performance of other departments (e.g. Finance, Circulation, Sales), and where necessary provide solutions for optimizing the quality of their reports.
  • Monitor contract terms for Boston journals and develop a process/best practices for communicating changes in contracts.
  • Monitor permissions structure of shared journals systems.
  • Develop a model of roles/responsibilities between Operations and other major departments.
  • Manage the Editorial reporting process ensuring all reports are accurate and sent to meet contract terms. In consultation with other departments, establish best practices and systems for optimizing workflow and quality of data reported.
  • In collaboration with UK colleagues, optimize the global pricing process by means of automation procedures/macros. Manage the pricing process and schedule for Boston.
  • Identify sources of duplicate information and other redundancies. Research, agree, and implement solutions to reduce or eliminate such redundancies.
  • Act as Editorial champion of JPS. Train Editorial colleagues, feedback ideas for improvement and work toward consistent usage.
  • Work with colleagues across Boston (and sometimes global departments) to develop common information sources and reporting systems.
  • Where needed, develop user-friendly documentation for any of the above systems/procedures.
  • Maintain local systems already developed (e.g. Circulation macros, Journals Info Center), or otherwise assigned (Print Run Databases).
  • Manage cross-divisional operational processes, and participate in local and global efforts to improve these processes – e.g. JPS Super User group, Prelims Standardizing group, Annual Reports templates, New Journals Process team.
  • Participate in policy discussions and consolidation of policies. Define implementation procedures. Provide feedback to operations/systems colleagues in UK.
  • In collaboration with Journals Systems Manager, conduct an ongoing review of the current alerting form and suggest changes to both content and procedure to improve take-over processes.
  • Supervise and mentor Journals Operations Assistant in all tasks assigned to this role – e.g. central tracking of information sent to clients and client responses.

Relationship with Technology Partners

  • Global central management of the ScholarOne relationship. Build information sources about S1 (costs, implementation, support systems) on the Blackwell intranet.
  • Provide reliable feedback to S1 on problem and development opportunities.
  • Research current features/usability of the system from an external perspective. Review the needs of our client base in general to understand their requirements from and EEO and help to develop S1 to suit their needs.
  • Help to support the long term potential roll out of S1 to all journals.